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Import, Export and Transit Trade - your one-stop solution

We handle everything for you when it comes to imports or exports via ocean or air freight, courier services or trucks. Should you require goods from different manufacturers, we also provide consolidated shipments. We coordinate with the suppliers, buffer the different delivery times via our warehouses and ship everything to you in one grouped shipment. International transit trade is also included in our comprehensive range of services. We take care of everything, such as insurance, customs clearance, purchasing, financing as well as acting as your commission agent all over the world.

Our customers come first

We are dedicated to providing personal service to our customers and always finding the best deal. Be it a minor emergency order or a big project – you will always get the same high level of service. As your one-stop solution, our company has all necessary departments to ensure that your orders are processed without a hitch. You can entrust us with your entire project: We will handle it from initial inquiries and quotes to the shipping procedure. For decades now, our customers have trusted in our expertise because they know that their business is in safe hands with us. Our excellent reputation is a result of our reliability, our fast customer care as well as the high quality level of our products and services.

Worldwide export, import and transit trade

Are you looking to sell entire industrial facilities, shipping and machinery equipment, or maybe spare parts and machinery? Perhaps you even know who the manufacturer is, but you do not speak their language? Or they are not answering your inquiries because you only want a small spare part?

Simply hand over the entire import, export or transit trade process to our team of experts and let us put our many years of experience to work in handling them for you. It makes no difference whether you require an entire machine or a spare part; our international trading company will gladly help you with all your needs.

As part of our core business, Schütte & Bünemann exports machinery; industrial facilities; spare parts for technical equipment; shipping machinery and equipment; spare parts for printing presses; as well as replacement parts for ships, for manufacturing plants, and also for machinery and equipment for docks and wharfs. Furthermore, we export any type of consumer goods, automotive spare parts and industrial raw materials. We are perfectly suited to assist you, especially when exporting machinery and spare parts of renowned manufacturers from Germany, Italy and England as well as from other European countries. Our main sales markets are in Latin America, USA, and South and East Asia.

Commercial agency 

We can help you with your export needs and also act as your confirming house. Please get in touch if you need a partner for entering into ongoing contracts or for financing orders.

Consolidated Shipments

All your orders in one shipment

By consolidating your orders to grouped shipments, we help reduce your administrative tasks and lower processing and delivery charges incurred with shipments.


Trouble Shooting

Special help in emergencies

Has your machine come to a standstill? Manufacturing is on hold? Your ship cannot leave port? Being our customer means that we will lend you a helping hand in emergencies and give top priority to your problem.


Personal custom care

One contact for all your needs

Our customers’ happiness comes first. Consequently, we want you to have a personal contact available to you at all times. You can turn to this one person with any questions or ideas regarding the entire business process.

Persönlicher Ansprechpartner

Problem solving

We enjoy challenges – Try us

Do you have a specific problem or are you stuck with something? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are well-versed in our business. On top of that, we possess the necessary flexibility to constantly adjust to new undertakings and fulfil your wishes.


And there's more

From consolidated shipments to problem solving

Consolidated shipments

Sometimes you require products from several manufacturers at the same time: Were you to order directly, you would be charged for freight, packaging and handling for every single shipment. You can use our services to order goods from every required manufacturer and collect them in our warehouses. We wait until all your ordered products have arrived, thus setting off the various delivery times. You are kept up to date on what is currently being held in stock for you. Then we ship everything to you in just one grouped shipment, minimizing your freight and handling costs. Finally, you receive just one invoice instead of several smaller invoices. We lower your costs and the time spent on administration.

trouble shooting

Schütte & Bünemann customers can declare urgently required spare parts as emergency orders. This confers high-priority status to your order throughout the entire company. While we are dependent on our own suppliers, we do our utmost to help you as quickly as possible. So far, we have managed to rescue quite a few customers from sticky situations.

personal care

We are committed to providing stellar customer care by putting our customers’ happiness first. For this reason, we provide you with a designated personal contact, who is always available for you. Your contact at S&B is familiar with your situation and needs as well as any regional specifics. Whatever you need, your contact is your go-to person at any stage of your order.

problem solving

Trading internationally means constantly facing new situations and challenges. Do you have a specific problem or are you stuck with something? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are well-versed in our business. On top of that, our collaborative way of working and communicating with each other gives us the necessary flexibility to embrace new challenges. We always strive to meet your needs.


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